Friday, December 19

Ah, There's The Reuben

So said the menu.

The gastro-intestinal clot above is a Reuben sandwich. But completely unlike any Reuben sandwich I'd ever eaten. I'd seen this mountain on some cable channel or other in the past month or so. And yes, it was called a Reuben. However, when I think of a Reuben sandwich, I think of this:
That's the Reuben from Arby's. And it's oh, so tasty. But that mountain?

While we were staying at the Mirage, and this one particular night, not wanting room service, we decided to partake of restaurant food. In-house was one Carnegie Deli - apparently a duplicate of the Carnegie Deli in New York City.

And as it turns out, the cable channel was doing a report on THE Carnegie Deli in New York. But I didn't realize it at first.

Underneath all that cheese is tender corned beef. And some tasty sauerkraut. And no, I didn't (or wasn't able to) finish it.

That's no space station, it's a moon!

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