Wednesday, December 3

Gilligan Never Showed Up

Or the Skipper for that matter.

The Harbor cruise didn't happen. Marilee had a bit of intestinal distress Monday; she spent the entire day in bed. She was up and around for the first day of her conference Tuesday, though - she's feeling much better.

Monday night I took my Aunt Mary Lou to dinner, a leisurely 40-mile trip inland from San Diego.

But the day wasn't all tending Marilee's sour stomach - I had picked up some travel brochures in the lobby Monday morning and brought them back to the room. After perusing all the things we could be doing, Marilee said that I should partake of one of the activities, even if she didn't come along. So as it turned out, though we didn't go on a cruise, I went a light-year or two on a trip of my own.

Star Trek: The Exhibition is now showing for a limited engagement at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. The tagline "Explore the History of the Future" was all it took to get me excited about going. Props, costumes, models, the works. Even sets from the ten movies and five TV series.

No photography is allowed - major bummer - but they do have souvenir photos available with a typically touristy price.

So if you have the chance, beam over to the Museum. It's in Balboa Park.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I'm jealous! Chris and I would have loved to see that exhibit!

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