Sunday, December 21

I'll Have That With Frys

On our trip to California, there were a couple of things I really wanted to do - go to a Bob's Big Boy and go to Fry's. As it turned out, we only got to do one of the two...

When I left California twenty-plus years ago, one thing I've really missed is Bob's Big Boy restaurants. And the Big Boy hamburger. Not to mention the Silver Goblet chocolate shake. Marilee remembered Bob's as well, and we really were looking forward to the delicacies.

I'd last gone to a Fry's on my last trip to California; I got my current Bluetooth headset there. I'd gone on the pilgrimage with my cousin Erin, and we spent more time than I'd care to admit going up one aisle and down the other ad infinitum. For at least two hours. After I left for home on that previous trip, Erin took my aunt Mary Lou to Fry's, and she was even more impressed, if not overwhelmed. So naturally, I wanted to take Marilee on our trip.

Having already left the southern part of California, and concentrating on the drive, I'd pretty much forgotten about both destinations. But when we'd gotten off the freeway to go to the factory stores in Barstow, there was Bob's Big Boy!

We split a Big Boy hamburger, and all the memories of that comfort food came flooding back. I picked up a Big Boy bank (to save for our next trip?) and we were off for Las Vegas.

And Fry's?

Interestingly enough, there just happened to be a Fry's on the southern edge of Las Vegas. "HEY! There's a Fry's!" I think I must have startled Marilee with that one. But since we were on a mad dash to get to the Mirage, and avoidance of the aforementioned volcano, I didn't again think of Fry's until we'd gotten into Utah.

Oh well.

Of course, now knowing that there's a Fry's in Las Vegas, we'll just have to add that to our itinerary.


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