Wednesday, December 10

Nojoqui Falls

No, I don't know who these people are. Not that it really matters, since the object of this photo is not of the people, but the waterfall in the background.

Nojoqui Falls is about six miles outside of Solvang. Part of Santa Barbara's County Parks System, Nojoqui Falls is one of my favorite destinations. From the photo, you can see that up above it's relatively bright, but down near the bottom it's fairly subdued; sunlight doesn't get down that far due to the overhead canopy of trees.

In the past, I'd been up the fifteen-minute-walk distance in the heat of summer, but you'd never guess it was warm. I trekked up there on our day in Solvang with a light jacket on, and it was still a bit chilly.

With benches along the route, there's a bit of respite if you get winded. And since the last time I'd been up the trail was twenty years and 50 pounds or so ago, the benches were a welcome sight!

Another post will have some forest scenes from the walk. If you happen to need a break from driving, and even if you're not heading into Solvang, stop by the falls. It's just off Highway 101 on Alisal Road.

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