Sunday, December 14

This One Has People

Back in the 70's, I went on summer vacation with my Aunt Eleanor, Uncle Lysle, and Cousin Jody. We'd gone on this particular vacation with an ultimate destination of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. From Southern California. Quite a drive, considering the freeway system back then was nothing to what we have now.

One route we took up I-15 had moose (at least I think they were moose) off in the distance. Since all I had back then was a 110 camera, it was hard to tell. Hell, it could have been a herd of Great Danes for all I know.

After the photos were developed, and again seeing my relatives, upon seeing the moose/Great Danes, my Aunt Eleanor asked "Where are the people?"

I've kept that question with me all these years, and try my hardest to limit the number of people in my photos. Apparently, to her, there's no such thing as a photograph, only snapshots. And snapshots have people.

This is another shot from my series of Santa Barbara sunrise photographs. It's a panorama, stitched from three separate photos.

I hope you like it. Aunt Eleanor would.

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