Tuesday, December 16


I don't know if you can tell how popular a place is, particularly a "natural" area, by how well-worn the ground is.

The dirt trail going to and from the trail to Nojoqui Falls is well-packed - there aren't many places where you might lose your footing. The trail is fairly wide in most places, and other than veering off the trail to get a better photo, or just sitting on a bench to take in the beauty affords your fellow hikers plenty of room for navigation to take it all in.

But watch your step! Those aren't twigs and branches on the ground in the above photo - they're roots that have come to and above the surface.

And there aren't many of these bridges to get yourself over the stream that runs down the little canyon - thankfully they're rustic enough that they don't deter from the natural beauty of the area.

Look everywhere on this hike. There's much to see.

Just under the surface.

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