Friday, January 16

Costco Coupons Are Evil

Last weekend, on a pilgrimage to Costco, Marilee took with her the latest mailer. Coupon savings galore. Amid the dollar signs dancing in my brain, the question became "Where the hell are we going to put all this sh!t stuff?"

Admittedly, the pork ribs we bought were good, coupon or no coupon. But would we have purchased them otherwise? No.

And since our storage container collection has disappeared into the black hole of Taylor's room, we really did need to buy the 32-piece assortment of Rubbermaid products. But without a coupon, would we have even given the box a second look? No.

Of course, Costco coupons aren't solely to blame for the fiscal decay of our country. Supermarket coupons - of the ilk provided by Catalina, for example - suggest that savings can be had if you buy multiples of products. Just buy two of these, one of those, and a few more of another thing, and you can get a coupon for five bucks off your next purchase. But did you really need this, that, or the other thing?

Hell, you can probably save five bucks right there.

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Jenn said...

We're heading to Costco on Monday with the mailer. You're makes you think "would we really buy this if we didn't need it?". Ramin is good at bringing me back on track for something if we really don't need it. But those storage things might be something we really do need ;)

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