Tuesday, January 20


Have you been feeling them, too?

Every time a story appears about what's happening today - and there are multitudes of them - I get all teary-eyed. That this could never happen. That this is the best thing that's EVER happened.

Like a really good story about the moon landings. Jeez, that was forty years ago.

No one will be able to think of anything else today. In a way, that's sad. There will be likely more people tuning in to an inaugural speech than any time in history. With the help of the internet, the number of people listening in will be in the billions. World-wide. Amazing.

I've got numerous calls to do today; too numerous that I don't know if I'll be in a place where I'll be able to just sit and listen.

It'll be interesting to watch if other people - at the appointed hour - will just stop everything.

Just wait. What an amazing day!

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