Saturday, January 24

What's For Dinner?

Saturday night brilliantly stimulating conversation:

ME: "What do you want for dinner?"

SHE: "Food."

ME: "What kind of food?"


ME: "Edible food?"

SHE: "Edible food."

ME: "What genre of edible food?"

After a lengthy delay, she said "A really good hamburger" and "Didn't we have this conversation last Saturday?"

Yes, we did. That evening, Marilee said exactly the same thing.

And in the Salt Lake Valley, that means Crown Burgers.

I'd headed off toward Crown Burgers at about 7pm. Not late, mind you, but early enough that they would surely still be open. Yeah.

Upon driving into the parking lot, I suddenly remembered that this conversation had indeed happened previously, but not twice - this was the THIRD time this conversation had occurred. Unfortunately, the same thing happened upon arriving at Crown Burgers. On a Saturday night.

For you see, dear readers, CROWN BURGERS IS NOT OPEN ON SATURDAY.

The first time, the second time, and now the third time.

God help me remember that the next time.

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