Thursday, February 26

Bargaining Chips

I have friends. Friends who would be more than happy to carry out a dastardly deed for me. Dave is one such fellow. And Dave plays WoW.

For the uninitiated, WoW is World of Warcraft. Popular game. If you want to call it a game. Me? I'm a first-person-shooter type. I'm the first to admit I like playing old-school games like Heretic. Still play it on occasion, but only against monsters. Another friend has gotten Heretic to run over the internet and plays against his kids over his home network; really need to get that going on one of my PC's.

But back to WoW. I've written about WoW in the past, and this particular entry is again about Taylor - no surprise there. So Taylor's room has come under scrutiny lately. Toxic waste dump. Talking to Dave this morning, we devised a devilish plan. It has everything to do with deviousness. And the conversation with Taylor would go something like this:

"Taylor, clean your room."

Time passes.

"Taylor, clean your room NOW."

More time passes.

"Taylor, clean your room, or I'll sic my friend Dave on your WoW character."

That grumbling sound you will hear will be Taylor cleaning his room.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

That sounds like a brilliant plan! Hopefully Dave can actually find Taylor's character and do something :)

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