Tuesday, February 24

Mail Call

Recently received in the mail - the traditional kind, not the electronic kind - was an invitation to attend a seminar.

Oh, sure, I've received hundreds of offers over the years to attend seminars, most were for a time-share you'd never e able to get rid of, or a one for some new piece of computer hardware or the like. You know the ones.

But this one was different. Waaay different. And I can't even hazard a guess how I got to be on this particular mailing list. Well, I can, but we won't go there, mkay?

From a local hospital, this particular invitation is for a urology seminar. For MEN.

Imagine that - I've been invited to attend a urology seminar. Why? Three reasons:

A) I am a guy
B) Guys have urology problems as they age
C) I'm older than dirt.

Am I inclined to attend? Not really. I can get all the information I need from my own physician and likely would, since Marilee wouldn't allow me to forego any such problem.

But who would go to such an event? Probably some guy having urinary problems.

And how would the physicians know any of the men attending were having those kinds of problems? Simple.

Refreshments will be served.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah haw, I get it. I think that the refreshments will probably be cranberry juice. You know, to keep things cleaned out and working....hee hee! Hang in there Bobby, your not quite that old yet, (I don't think)!


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