Friday, March 20

Awesome Taste Treat

The local Costco now has half-gallon jugs of blueberry juice - in fact the label says simply "Just Blueberry". And is it tart? No, it's TART. With the ubiquitous capital T. Italicized, and bold, no less.

When we first picked up a bottle of this stuff, I added a teaspoonful of sugar to make it palatable. A few days later, when Marilee went to Target, she picked up a half-gallon jug of Welch's Concord Grape. Upon seeing the two jugs sitting side-by-side, it dawned on me to mix the two.

Oh - My - God.

JUST tart enough that you know you're getting the blueberry, and JUST sweet enough to make out the grape.

And I'll bet you can't overdose on anti-oxidants - blueberries are chock full of them.

Awesome taste - do try some!

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