Sunday, March 8

Got An Email Last Week

It appears that time has accelerated over the past year. As we all know - and some of you being younger have not realized yet - as we age, time seems to go by much faster than when we were young.

So that email I got last week came rather more quickly than I ever imagined. The email was from GoDaddy - an official email, no less. An email that tells me my domain name registration is about to expire.

Actually, that's not entirely true. When I originally grabbed, I set the re-registration to automatically renew. Now that the one-year anniversary of this blog is coming up next month, I'm contemplating letting the registration run out. Oh, the blog will still remain at, just without the part.

I had this dream, when I started out this blog, that I'd make some money doing it. I've got some ads over on the right-hand side that no-one ever clicks on, but just their presence makes me money, although as of today my sum total "earnings" from said advertisements adds up to a whopping $5.55.

That gives one pause when you consider there are folks making tens-of-thousands of dollars writing a blog. Some hundreds.

Part of the problem, and it's something I hadn't realized until Marilee and I went book shopping this week, that if someone reads your blog via a feed, they never see your ads. Even so, shouldn't there then be folks hitting your blog in the first place to get the feed?

I got a book while shopping called "ProBlogger". Maybe it will provide some insight on how to make this thing worth my time.

I know I can write. YOU know I can write. But everyone else doesn't seem to know, or at least want to read what I've written.

So what to do? Dunno. Over the next few weeks I'll decide if I should keep this up, or devote my time to writing other things.

I'd appreciate your comments.

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