Sunday, March 29

I'm Not A Dreamer

I'm not one to figure out what dreams mean. Someone else in the family has done that kind of research.

This afternoon during a nap, I had one of the most peculiar ones in recent memory. I've never dreamed of this particular subject, so it really took me by surprise. That, and I didn't dream at all over the last week; before, during, or after my trip to Chicago.

Last week, I didn't sleep well. Despite being far from home, without the annoyances of dogs getting between my legs and being in the way when I roll over in my sleep - I toss and turn even when I'm dead to the world - I was never really able to get into a deep sleep. And possibly that I missed the comfort of our bed. And missing Marilee terribly.

Oh, since we've been together, we'd been apart, but the only two times that happened was when I'd gone to California, and had stayed with my Aunt Mary Lou; my Cousin Erin was there, too, both times.

But last week, was the first time I'd really been on my own in the last five years. I'd almost prided myself those many years before I'd met Marilee, I felt I was so independent. So last week was a shock to my system. And though I've felt a bit of cabin fever since I pulled into the driveway Friday morning after an exasperating return from Chicago, I've loved every minute being with Marilee. Even with the dogs getting in the way.

I've been taking more naps than I recall ever taking in a three day period - feels like much longer than three days. I've slept really hard - deep, comfortable sleep.

I expected that during my earlier nap today that I'd sleep just as hard, but wasn't expecting a dream to happen. Upon awakening, I remembered having the dream, and still do, three hours later.

The dream had to do with my Uncle Grover. I never met him - he died in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He was a PT boat captain, though he died several years before JFK came along in PT109. The dream wasn't much more than I already knew about my Uncle. And really, there wasn't much detail in the dream, just that the dream "existed".

What the dream meant, I couldn't say. Just that I had it makes me wonder why.

Maybe there was a disturbance in the Force.

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Jenn said...

From my super secret source for my dream analysis:

"Dead people in a dream usually refer to issues that are dead, that you should no longer give any energy to. Ask yourself if you are holding a grudge that you need to let die.

Actual dead people you once knew often refer to that point in your life when they were around. Is there anyting about who you were then that you need to bring back to life now?"

What did Uncle Grover represent to you? Perhaps this dream was telling you to let go of something in your life that is represeted by Grover? Just my thoughts ;)

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