Wednesday, March 18


A common sight in the early days of computing was the ubiquitous "THINK" sign, as shown here at IBM's website.

As common as the slogan was, the idea of thinking has been a credo we can all live with, computers or otherwise.

So, too, must we think about everything we do. Like the mother who says "If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you do the same?", or the lemming who follows all the previous leaders who do likewise and jump off their cliff, we all must think before doing something that would otherwise be threatening to our survival.

This morning, out of curiosity's sake, I clicked on a link at Facebook for a group that suggests they can get one million Mormons to join. Called appropriately "1 Million Mormons on Facebook" or "1MMoFb", I read with disinterest one of their posts regarding objectionable content:

While I don't believe in Mormon bashing, and I've written about that fact before, it's definitely a bad idea if you want that portion of the populace from ever visiting your blog again. I think this Facebook group should think about what they posted and how it comes across to those who consider thinking as important as breathing.

Yes, I thought about what I've written above in this post.

And that's the whole idea.

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