Sunday, April 5

Dashtronic Watch

Marilee's car was overdue for its yearly safety and emissions check, so took care of that this afternoon while she was at Jenn's for NASCAR.

Of the magazines in the waiting room at the oil change place, I bypassed too many copies of Redbook and settled on Road & Track. While I'm not that into cars, I do enjoy drooling at all the sporty, hot cars I'd be interested in if I was having a midlife crisis.

One advertisement, however, did catch my eye. For a wristwatch, of all things. Again, though I'm not that into cars, this watch is styled after the minimal dashboards of 1930's vintage cars.

I decided I need this watch.

Instead of the back being stainless steel, it's the front that is metal. The back, on the other hand (no pun intended), is clear.

The reviews at the manufacturer's website shows I'm not the only one who thinks this is a cool watch.

And it's only $99. And now in GOLD for $129!

I think I want this for Father's Day.

Click below to buy a Stauer Watch!

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