Wednesday, April 15


This blog is just ten days away from being a year old. That's right, I've been sharing my bs for a YEAR now.

And in all that time, I've been doing something that a grammar fanatic would roll his or her eyes at - I've been capitalizing all the words in my blog titles. As an example, I'd put "This Is A Blog Post" rather than the more-accurate "This is a Blog Post". I figured the departure from proper use would make my readers think there was something inherently wrong, that for some reason my posts looked a bit "off", worth reading.

Or maybe that was a lot of bs.

My blog post today is a complete departure from my prior bs - THIS title is all in lower case. And for good reason.

dooce - all in lower case - is more properly "spelled" as dooce®. That's right, dooce is a registered trademark. Heaven forbid dooce® should be used by anyone other than its originator, and that would be Heather B. Armstrong. She is the most-famous personal blogger on the interwebs, and she lives right here in Salt Lake City. She'd be one of those nameless faces in all of Utah, except that she has been on major networks promoting her book "It Sucked and then I Cried".

And on the final leg of her book-signing tour, she's going to be right here in Salt Lake City TONIGHT. Yes, dear readers, the rock star blogger, in our own neighborhood.

I'm going to try to have the stamina to stand in a (likely) monstrously-long line of other dooce® groupies. Where?

1511 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105 7:00pm. Fifteenth and Fifteenth for those of you in the valley. Wonder how bad the parking will be.

You may ask yourselves why would I want to go - after all, it's a book about post-partum depression, and that I already browsed through the book a bit over the weekend when Marilee and I went to Barnes and Noble. Could have bought it then.

Because, dear reader, I started THIS blog in hopes that it would someday be as famous as hers. Because at the time it was a great outlet for my thought processes. But maybe - just maybe, being in her presence - and a lot of other bloggers I'd guess - maybe some of that luck would rub off.

Or maybe that's just more of bob's bs.

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