Wednesday, April 22

The Joys Of Home Ownership

Late yesterday afternoon, after Taylor asked if I had done anything to the internet, snide remarks aside, I replied that I had not.

"What's wrong?"

"The patch for WoW stopped in mid-download."

(He didn't actually say that, but that was the paraphrased version.)

I'd just been Tweeting seconds before, and now that he's said that, I found that, yes, the internet was indeed "down".

A trip to the basement where all things electronic and computer things lay, it was eerily quiet. But the lights were on. Sherman and Molly scattered as I dove under a table to find the UPS off.

Not a good sign.

A mad dash to the circuit breaker panel, and a long-forgotten project leapt back into my mind. I had never gotten around to marking the circuit breakers and where they go.

Note to self - get over to Home Depot and get that tester that helps identify such things.

It was all for naught, however - none of the breakers were tripped. But the puzzling thing was that the lights were on, and that circuit is from the same breaker as the power for the basement equipment.

Though panic had not yet set in, I moved the UPS power cord to the socket above it, and the lights re-appeared on the UPS. Power button? Check. Database server power? Check. Router, cable modem, WAP? Check, check, and check.

So maybe the wires have come loose from the other socket.

Must - buy - circuit - breaker - tester.

BTW - are YOUR breakers marked?

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