Friday, April 10


I'm not looking forward to this.

Every year for the last two, at least one of us - Marilee and I - have gone to Logan's Summerfest. Not exactly your typical artiste faire, it's held in the center of town and folks from miles around attend the one-day event of artists, food concessions - just plain fun.

The first year, it just so happened that Summerfest was on the day we decided to go to the Anniversary Inn in Logan. Last year, the timing wasn't quite right, and while we would have loved to do the Inn again, I ended up going alone - I conveniently had a service call in Logan. Pure coincidence. Honest.

Always wanting to find a perfect reminder of Summerfest, the first year we got a cute sign that said "My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it." Funny thing, that. Last year it was replaced by one that said "I have a kitchen because it came with the house."

Both from the same vendor/artiste, we'll probably go by their booth this year to see what is new.

But this isn't a story about Summerfest, though I may put something up after we go this year. This is about the former sign; the latter may occupy the space for some time. The former is all about cleaning. LOTS of cleaning. Being ever the one to remind me of all the crap stuff we've collected over the years (Marilee would comment that it's mostly my stuff crap), Marilee said that this year we were going to do something about it. And she was SERIOUS.

When she said she was going to rent a trash bin, I figured it would be a run-of-the-mill back-of-a-restaurant dumpster. I was not prepared for what was sitting in the driveway when I came home for lunch today.

Had we used our county-issued trash cans for this task, it would have taken us a month... to... collect... all... the...

[Sorry, Marilee's in my head suddenly. "What's that? It's going to be there for how long?"]

Sorry for the interruption. THIS is going to be in the driveway for a MONTH:


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