Saturday, May 23

Modern Medicine

Though I fully expected a witch doctor a la ooo eee ooo aaa aaa bing bang walla walla bing bang to come dancing through the door yesterday afternoon, it wouldn't have mattered much since I was face-down on an operating room table with instruments poking into my spine.

I had my epidural yesterday afternoon.

After the insertion of an IV tube in my left arm - which interestingly enough didn't hurt as much as the one for my gall bladder surgery a couple years ago, I was off to the operating room which consisted of something akin to a massage table next to a mini MRI machine.

I had expected to have been knocked out for the procedure, but was fully awake, and while the pin-like pricks in my back weren't painful, they didn't last but a minute.

I was in and out of "surgery" for not much longer than fifteen minutes.

Of course, I also expected my arm pain to cease immediately, but was told it might take a week or two.

Lovely. Two more weeks of agonizing arm pain, making it downright impossible to type, let along drive due to the cocktail of Diazepam and Lortab. And this morning, I awoke with not a pain in my arm, but Princess barking at the closed bedroom door "asking" to be let out.

Stumbling towards the door, tripping over Marilee's recliner, and an awkwardly-placed pillow, thus began the three-dog-one-human march down the stairs.

THAT was more stumble than march since the lovely drugs intended to calm me a bit apparently haven't left my body yet.

Dogs have now been let out, and thought I'd blog a bit before returning to bed.

And have just remembered one of the "possible" side effects of the procedure - blurred vision, and my hunting and pecking is a bit offf.

HAVING TROUBLE TYPING. Not that I ever learned, mind you; I don't know a home row from a throw rug, and those little nubbins on the 'F' and 'J' leys get in the way. Not to mention the eraser-stick smack dab in the middle of the two.

Have had to re-read everything I've typed thus far, and it's taking far longer to type this than usual, and am adding extra characters all over the place.

And just glanced at the clock - it's taken me a full forty-five minutes to type this little enrty.

Methinks I need to get back to peaceful slumber to sleep off what the hell ever it is that's still in my veins.

Except for the cortisone - THAT can stay for a while.

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