Friday, May 8

A New Chapter And A New Chapter

VERY busy day today.

I'm stoked that a new Star Trek enterprise is beginning today; we've already decided to make a go of it to see the new movie - WE meaning myself, Marilee, Taylor, Chris, Jenn, Ramin and even Guy. And whomever else might want to come along.


That would be Jenn and Chris' Dad.

But all that will come after the other new chapter beginning today. You see, all of us - and likely ten thousand or so others - will bed taking part in commencement exercises at the University of Utah.

Jennifer is graduating today!

Over 7,100 graduates will be in attendance - with all their friends and families. All clotted in one place at the U. Chris graduated 2½ years ago from USU in Logan, and while a large affair, it twern't nearly as big.

One difference I'll take advantage of is that the trusty Olympus had died during Chris' ceremony, so I'll be getting some (hopefully) choice photos of Jenn's.

Both boldly going where no one has gone before.

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