Friday, May 1

Rear-End First

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Will someone please tell me what the trait is, that makes people insist on backing-in to parking spaces? Is it a desire to be a trucker? Or do they need to make a fast getaway?

It's always a front-end first person that has to wait for-ev-er for the dimwit rear-end-first parker to manipulate his (typically) too-large-for-the-spot vehicle to back into said space.

Maybe there's a Freudian reason for the behaviour.

Sitting here in a national supermarket chain parking lot, after having jusr repaired something, I'm doing my call clusure "stuff" with my driver's side door open. A honk scares the bejesus out of me as a mullet is trying to back up his shoddy-looking pickup - diagonally, no less - next to my truck.

Why the hell is he...

Wait! Mullet?


1 comment:

Jenn said...

LMAO the it!

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