Saturday, May 16

THIS Was Expected

After commenting twice this week (here and here), in a not-very-savory way about the Deseret News, I totally expected something today, and was not disappointed.

Well, sort of.

We've gotten into the habit of not answering the door after a certain hour - particularly when the dogs go ape-sh!t. It's hard enough to talk to each other when the dogs are barking any other time of the day; when Lexie gets going, it's actually quite funny. But when holding her and trying to listen to a visitor at the door, it's downright impossible. So we don't even bother.

Late this afternoon, the doorbell rang, and the dogs immediately headed to the front of the house. The din had ebbed a bit when there was added a knock, too. Thus began anew the bedlam.

But this week, the bedlam really started Tuesday when I mentioned the Deseret News' habit of not playing by long-held rules of newspaper publishing. What transpired thereafter were visits to my blog from THE Deseret News - nine times - and the next day one visitor from THE Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I commented to Marilee, and several others, mind you, that I was betting I'd have visitors with white shirts and black name tags.

When going out for my evening constitutional on the front porch just now, a card fluttered down from the door jamb.

I wondered aloud if Sisters Hansen and Miller read my blog, too.

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