Wednesday, May 6

Welcome To Old Age

...that's what Dave "from the office" said this morning.

Had a doctor's appointment this morning - don't let the moniker "sports medicine" fool you. He's an orthopedist. But "sports medicine" allows him to (likely) charge an arm and a leg (literally) for his services.

The appointment was for the pain I've had in my right arm ever since Princess took her tumble down the stairs. No, I wasn't in the way when she tumbled, but during the week that she had problems going up the stairs, I spent the evenings on the couch on the first floor to keep her from attempting the climb. A "baby-gate" prevented her from climbing the stairs thereafter.

Unfortunately, spending that much time on the couch exacerbated a problem I appear to have had for some time: while an MRI later this week will seal the deal as far as a definitive diagnosis, I have Degenerative Disc Disease or so my orthopedist thinks.

Short-term, I'm taking Methylprednisolone for pain and inflammation, and Diazepam (Valium) to help me sleep at night. After my MRI, they'll decide which of three possible outcomes there are:

Time/Therapy/Meds, or
Injections, or

Thrilled at all three.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of old age, I need some money for my old age....when are you going back to Idaho? Do I need to work up a bogus call for you to go on???

Regards..... Nanci

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