Monday, June 22

Dads Get A Bum Rap

Never let it be said that you don't find factual information on my blog. OK, maybe a little bs here and there. But still.

Happy Father's Day one day late!

At Jenn, Chris and Ramin's yesterday for Father's Day. Burgers and cake. My kind of party!

While the gifts were nice - and appreciated! - the cards I got were over the top.

From Jenn and Chris:

Outside: free beer here. Inside: Now that I have your undivided attention, happy Father's Day!

From Taylor: Dad, I've always admired how, unlike so many wimpy guys these days, you always make the tough decisions, lay down the law, and rule the castle the way a man is meant to rule. Inside: (I thought Mom was going to split a gut when I showed her this one.)

I did actually get a six-pack of Guinness from Jenn and Chris, and the tongue-in-cheek admiration of Taylor's card made me sort of weepy. Until I opened the card, that is.

I made comment during the festivities that you'd never see cards like those for Mother's Day. Give any such card to Mom, well, all you need do is remember the Golden Rule of families: "If Mom's happy, everyone's happy."

And what card did my lovely wife get me?

Outside: Fathers will tell their kids that they know what's best, but when you get a group of Fathers together, they bond over the fact that none of them has any idea what they're doing.

After that, does the inside really matter?

That said, the inside does say "Hope your Father's Day is the best! (Whether you like it or not!)"


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