Friday, June 12

Maples In Living Color

I'm hoping my recent readers from LDS Hospital are still "listening" - I have a question for you all:

Do the maple trees around the hospital and surrounding medical office buildings turn red or yellow in the fall?

The backstory:

Last October, I posted a bit about the maple trees we have growing around our house.

Mentioning only briefly about the little one off in the corner in the backyard, I figured it was about time to snap a photo:

With the weather the way it is, not to mention the sprinkler system installed last year, the "little one" is doing fine. While not ten-plus feet high as the ones in the front, I'm sure its root system is rather well-developed.

During one of our outings during a doctor's visit, Marilee and I commented on the number of maple seeds that had dropped from the many maples around the hospital and surrounding medical buildings.

Unfortunately, all of the ones around that area were immature seeds - they hadn't quite gotten to "helicopter" mode yet.

Maple seeds are amazing creations of nature. Once you see how a maple seed is "engineered", you'll wonder how something like that could be created and Who created them. Yes, "Who" is capitalized for a reason.

A few weeks ago I found some mature seeds outside, and for the heck of it, planted them in an unused pot in the back yard - haven't yet "intentionally" watered the pot; Mother Nature's been taking care of that lately. They're doing quite well:

As Marilee and I are "into"ornamental" trees and plants, we've been talking about getting another maple, but this time one that turns red in the fall, since all the ones in our yards turn yellow - a red one would be a great contrast.

We'll be heading back in the direction of the hospital in the next week or so for a followup visit and will be looking for mature seeds. But want to make sure we're getting "red" ones, not "yellow" ones.

So again, that's the question: Do the maples around LDS Hospital turn red or yellow in the fall?

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Jenn said...

If you start any more trees give them to us ;) We can use more in the back yard!

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