Saturday, June 6

No Where Near Normalcy Yet

It occurred to me this morning that I'm not feeling at all "normal". Not particularly because someone last week was digging around in my neck with sharp instruments and a SCREWDRIVER, but because my routine has been altered in ways too numerous to mention.

And trying to get back to something approaching normal has been a real challenge.

Yesterday, for example, though my blog post had to do with sleeping, and the challenges involved with that, I had actually written most of that on Thursday with my manual Bob's BS.

Yesterday, I couldn't come up with anything new to write about - I was in pain most of the day, couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in, there were constant dog interruptions, couldn't "get into" any of the movies I tried to watch, et cetera.

And as far as pain, no combination of my meds seemed to do the trick.

I awoke this morning at 4:15am and could not get back to sleep. Came downstairs, watched a bit of TV, and still had pain1 I could not control.

Marilee was up at about 5am - which surprised me for a Saturday. I was having a "constitutional" out on the porch, and she startled me as I rose so as to go back into the house. Turned and ran smack dab into the post on the porch, leading with my arm. Yes, THAT arm.

After stumbling back inside and meandering around the kitchen and family room and trying to decide whether to go back upstairs and trying to sleep some more, somewhere in the back of my drug-muddled mind I began to wonder just what the hell was going on: Thursday had been so much more "normal", but Friday everything turned to crap. I even had headaches that hadn't been present in the last two days, even with all the dru...

Then it hit me, as if headlong into a brick wall.

Thus this blog post.

Normalcy - or something approaching it - is achieved with a drug I had none of on Friday.

It's more commonly referred to by its non-generic name: COFFEE.

1 I suppose I should mention just what pain means in my current post-op state. Pain is a shooting pain more so from my right shoulder through the elbow into my hand. Yes, the same damn pain that I had the surgery for in the first place. But since all those nerve routes have now been relieved of herniation or whatever, it will just take time for those routes to heal.

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