Monday, June 8

The Respiration Technician

I'd like this guy's job. I met him if only for a brief moment a couple hours before I checked out of the hospital last Wednesday.

He goes around to every patients' room and checks their blood oxygen levels. The device he used was a "finger pulse oximeter", and I want one. No, really.

Bulky it's not. In fact, he was carrying it in the palm of his hand - but it was even smaller than that.

Similar in function to the stethoscope-less clip-on-your-finger device many care facilities use nowadays, this thing also clips onto your finger and measures not only your oxygen level but your pulse as well. Even had a damn EKG-like display. Had a bright OLED display and can be read in just about any ambient light.The one he had was rather spendy - he said the hospital got them for about 200 bucks a pop, but there are less-fancy ones available without the EKG function. Some even have a USB port for long-term diagnoses.

One rather minimalistic model just has large characters a la old-school LED's and can be had for about $50.

No, I don't want one for Father's Day.

Just sayin'.

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