Monday, June 1

Something To Look Forward To

With all the great rain we've had thus far this spring, I'm happy to say the weeds are doing quite well in our back yard. And even though our front yard has one less tree, the weeds which had been surrounding that patch were expertly pulled recently by Jenn.

There's still much that could be done in both yards, but since I have a black thumb - though I still want to know how to make our Virginia Creeper propagate - I can't even imagine where to start the process of where, what, and when, as far as actual plants go.

But there's hope on the horizon, and will likely be just in time for me to venture out after my neck surgery.

Coming up on June 12th and 13th will be the Hidden Garden Benefit Tour in Utah County. For $13 you'll be able to traipse through fourteen private gardens from Alpine to Orem to really see how to do "it".

More information can be had at the Tour's website at

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