Thursday, July 16

Giant Leap

It's been many years - forty, to be exact - since the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Then, as now, there still is the burning question as to whether Neil Armstrong, as he set foot on the Moon, said "That's one small step for man" or "That's one small step for A man."

Listening to that broadcast those 40 years ago, I don't think it was all that important what he said, just that we had accomplished it.

That audio clip has been played over and over; there's static between "for" and "man", and if you squint your ears, there's just a hint of an "A".

As this week celebrates the fortieth anniversary, news organizations are all abuzz with articles about the anniversary - one such article at CNN caught my eye, and not for the contents of that article, but for the headline, thusly:

From doughnuts to liftoff, Apollo 11 launch was blast

There's no static there - shouldn't that be "a blast"?

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