Friday, July 24

Hot Time In The City

The projected high temperature is just 92 degrees today - that's Fahrenheit for you across the pond - but it shouldn't be that bad here at the homestead since it's already 78.


Our air conditioning isn't working at all this morning - and appears to have been for several hours, as Marilee insisted on awakening me at 11:30 last night to tell me it was hot in the bedroom.

"Mmm-hmm" and lights out again.

Upon arising this morning and feeling the heat, downstairs I trodded to see the thermostat was set for the 70 degrees we set it for in the evenings; it ramps up to 74 during the day. That's when I found the internal temp was 78.

Outdoors? A pleasant 72.

Also outdoors, the compressor was not running - I knew there was a sound missing out there.

No breakers popped. No nothing.

Several years ago we had arrived home to a sweltering house due to Utah Power's surprise of a "PowerForward" add-on to our compressor. Basically, Utah Power (now Rocky Mountain Power) decides FOR YOU when your house should be cooled. Upon calling the HVAC folks - we didn't yet know about the add-on - that's when we found out about the program. A quick call to the power sompany settled that. Once and for all. TURN THAT DAMN THING OFF!

Now... is that the case this time? Don't know, yet.

I'm off to work. Marilee's off work for a time so she gets to make phone calls.

They better not have turned that inFernal box on.

My inTernal temp may go through the roof.

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