Monday, July 13

Not Knowing

Marilee and I watched a movie last night which we knew nothing about.

Only from Redbox, that is.

Knowing stars Nicholas Cage, so we figured it had to be good. Well, for the most part. As with other reviews I've seen since we rented it from the friendly neighborhood red box, the flick starts out really good, but falters near the end. So much so that an audible groan was heard from the two of us at the climax.

This morning, both of us speculated on better endings, but the rest of the movie wouldn't have made any more sense.

With all the misgivings about the movie, we still have to ask: why did we not hear about this movie when it came out on March 20th? Typically, a movie that goes to DVD within four or five months must've had something wrong with it, but we didn't hear anything at all about it.

Maybe another blockbuster came out that week, but I cannot recollect any.

Anyone out there know why this movie had NO press?

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Chris and I saw this in the theater. This had SOOOOO much potential to be good but they just totally jacked it up with the whole alien ending :-/

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