Sunday, July 12

Targeted Advertising

...for the 16-year-old mind. Such as it is.

Last evening's fare for dinner was Taco Bell. I got my usual, Marilee wanted her usual, and as has been the case lately, Taylor's choices were far from typical.

Not unusual, just not typical.

"I'm going to Taco Bell. What do you want?"

"A burrito, and... I saw this ad on TV that they have a special 89¢ menu - get me a soft taco from that menu. And a drink."

I hadn't really wasted any brain cells in the recent past to even look at the 89¢ menu until last night. While there are 99¢ items on the 89¢ menu, it didn't take long to realize that tacos - and burritos coincidentally - have always been 89¢. That Taco Bell needs to make that distinction boggles the mind.

The 16-year-old mind, that is.

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