Monday, August 31

Damn, It's Cold In Here

No, wait, now it's hot and I'm sweating.

Before too long, it'll get cold again.

I WISH there was something wrong with the HVAC system in the house. That would be far easier to explain.

What started out as a "simple" exercise in cleaning out my right ear has mushroomed into a full-blown "sick". A deep-down pain in my ear was where we were last Thursday. A bit o' peroxide should have been all that was necessary. BUT NO. Yours truly had to cement the issue of impacted ear wax with a too-forceful squirt from an earigator (at right).

Felt pretty good at the time, and didn't think about it again until a few hours later when I could think of nothing else. PAIN.

Did I mention PAIN?

OK, before you get all hign 'n' mighty, yes, I know that the only thing you're ever supposed to put in your ear is your elbow. Right or left, doesn't matter. Even told the doc at the Instacare on Friday after many hours of zero sleep. "So I don't have to give you a lecture?"

"No SIR". There are times when you know the damn doctor is right.

Antibiotics from within and without - read pills and drops - and Friday led into Saturday. And Sunday. And this morning, as the pain was subsiding and I could again sleep on my right ear and gain some much-needed rest, the chills started.

And now the sweats.

Which begs the question: Was the ear ache the precursor to a cold? Or worse? Or vice versa?

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