Tuesday, August 18

Healthcare Update

No, not the national debate. This one hits closer to home.

Don't expect too many updates for the remainder of the week. If any.

I'll have my mind on Marilee, who will be going into surgery tomorrow - Wednesday - to remove a pelvic mass that was discovered a while back during a routine ultrasound and subsequent MRI. She's rather positive about the whole thing, and just wants to get rid of the thing. It's unknown as to what it is, or what it may even be attached to. With all the health issues she's had in the last year or so, this may well be the root cause of all of it. So it's justified that she is so positive.

Me? I'm a nervous wreck.

She has assured me that she's a tough ol' broad (her words), and everything will be all right. But it pains me so much I cannot think of anything else that life without her would be so painful. She has brought so much joy to my life. I'm "living the life" with her - she means the world to me.

She came into my life when I was desperate to have something more. More than my simple existence as a bachelor with nothing more to come home to than an empty apartment and three cats.

Now there's the hustle and bustle of a house with a mortgage and more than a few animals happy to see me when I get home from a hard day. And there's Marilee with an "I love you" as I collapse into my recliner. She's been off work for several weeks as she's been waiting for a diagnosis and waiting for the inevitable surgery date to arrive.

She'll be in the hospital for up to three days followed by several weeks of recovery time here at the house. Until she gets going again with her computer work and the "research" she so loves to do, I'll likely be off mine as well.

So - say a prayer for my lovely wife and for us as a family.

I love this family.

I love my Marilee.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice piece you wrote Bobby. I wish Marilee well on her surgery. I'm sure she will be fine, she has you to come home to and love.

This is the kind of marriage Dallas and I are going to have. We already have a good start on it. It's such a nice feeling isn't it?

Hugs to you both, Nanci

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