Tuesday, August 25

Here We Go Again

From the Deseret News:

Senator Chris Buttars vs. anti-discrimination bill

Of note:

"If anybody had a right to special protection it would be Mormons; they've been persecuted but not as bad as the American Indian. But they're not pounding on the newspaper's door. Or the Jewish people; the Jewish people have lots of people hate them. I love them. But you know that's true."

Shut. The. Eff. Up.

1 comment:

bob's bs said...

You know, it really makes me wonder if Buttars really even knew about the impending Salt Lake City ordinance. The man lives in West Jordan, after all. Unless he has feelers out for everything going on in EVERY city in the state, I'm willing to bet that someone from some paper (fill in the blank) just called his office and asked his opinion. And without thinking - imagine that from Buttars - spewed the vitriol shown above. "Hey, that'll make for some good news". Please.

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