Friday, August 21

Homeward Bound

Marilee's coming home today!

She was doing so well yesterday afternoon that she had already taken a few laps around the floor she's on at Intermountain Medical Center. And off oxygen, too. I'd wanted to stay longer last night, but she could see the exhaustion on my face after driving to Delta, Price, and Payson. Didn't get to the hospital until 6:30pm.

Had dinner from the cafeteria - a must-try if you're in the area. Awesome selections. Tasted good too. Obviously, from Marilee's opinion, the food to the rooms doesn't come from the cafeteria!

Jenn will be assisting her home. She'd already said on numerous occasions that I should worry about work rather than worry about her. But - But - But...

But it's my JOB to worry about her.

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