Friday, August 28

Sick Of Being Sick

My current outward appearance is that of a healthy 52-year-old male. Maybe a little overweight, but otherwise fit. My new doctor gives me a sidelong glance when I tell him that while I don't "exercise", that I do walk quite a bit during a workday. Anyway.

That I sported a bandage on my neck for a week or so after my spine surgery, that outward appearance said that, OK, this guy isn't able to work because he's "sick". And was off work for six weeks.

That Marilee's stilted gait suggests she has had some sort of body work done and has a gash across her abdomen - outwardly unseen - suggests that she, too, has a reason not to go to work, and also is "sick". And will be off for several weeks as she heals.

But my outward appearance yesterday and today does not explain why I won't be going to work today.

I've got an earache. That's ear ache. Cramming the letters together doesn't look right.

Yes, dear readers, a sickness that should only apply to an elementary-school kid. A friggin' 52-year-old.

What really sucks is that I haven't any sick or vacation time left for the remainder of the year. So I have to "make up" the time elsewhere. Which sucks even more.

Probably some antibiotics will do the trick; with all the ails this family has had this year, you'd think that just maybe there'd be some leftovers in the medicine cabinet, but that's not the case.

So off to the Instacare I go this morning. For meds. And likely bedridden for the remainder of the day since it inwardly hurts like hell.

Outwardly, I'm sick of being sick.

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