Wednesday, August 5

The Wendover Times

OK, so you likely won't find The Wendover Times on your local newsstand. Unless, of course, you live in Wendover. Or rather West Wendover. West Wendover is in Nevada. Wendover is in Utah.

Wendover - west, or its eastern counterpart - is in a place colloquially referred to as somewhere near Egypt. But not out in the toolies - that's about a hundred miles to the east.

Was out that way on a service call yesterday; had to reload a PC's operating system. Not important what operating system, though it was based on Windows 2000. But what's particularly exasperating about the load is that it takes for-ev-er. Even the instructions say 15-30 minutes for any given step of the process.

So there was lots of time for wandering the 95-plus degree parking lot and listening to static on the radio.

On one such excursion, on the way back into the air-conditioned confines of the building, I glanced at the newspapers in the coin machines near the entrance. And saw this:

OK, that's not entirely true. What I saw in that coin-operated box was what's "Above The Fold". If not for that part, I would have passed by without ever seeing anything funny.

And you wouldn't be spending time reading anything here.

What was so funny? Look closer...

Hell, that's not even a fat-finger.

Had the headline for Speed Week been farther into the paper, it wouldn't have really mattered. But right on the front page?

At least they didn't call it Speed Weed.


Jason Vance said...

What's really funny about that is that the city has two papers that don't proof read the copy. The High Desert Advocate & The Wendover Times don't proof anything before they go to press.

bob's bs said...

Or read, for that matter. That article about Diamond Rio and Peter Frampton is just painful to read!

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