Wednesday, October 28


As we all learned from Tom Hanks in Cast Away, the chemical makeup of coconuts combine to form a natural laxative.

Such is just one of the lowly coconut's many magical properties, or, more appropriately, coconut oil.

It is, quite honestly, a mirical cure for just about anything.

While the laxative properties are yet to be seen by yours truly, when consumed in excess, the reverse is true. In epic proportions.

We have a jar of coconit oil in the house. Or at least we did until last night. That's when we found it on the floor in the bedroom, its top mysteriously missing.

We'd just been discussing a peculiar fact that Bambi had gotten into something or other and was hurking all over the house. That's when Marilee spotted the jar.

Coconut oil, supplied in said jars, has a peculiar quality, in that it needs no refrigeration; there's no chance of the stuff going rancid. What's more, it has a waxy feel, until one either melts it in a pan for cooking, or when it's used as a moisturizer - this is why it was in the bedroom. Previously it had been atop the microwave, sitting ready for use.

That Bambi found the jar on Marilee's nightstand wasn't surprising, nor was her interest in the substance.

We wondered just how long it would take for her to get all that fat out of her system - at a quarter-to-four this morning and hurking sounds from under the covers the answer was at hand.

Not yet.

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