Wednesday, October 7

Do They Think We Don't Pay Attention?

You have to wonder if mainstream media thinks of us - read consumers - as unwilling backwoodsy folk who don't pay attention to details.

Tonight on CNN's website is this headline:

CNNMoney: Target halves toy prices for holidays

From the actual headline of the article:

Target slashes toy prices 50% for the holidays

But within the actual article:

"Discount retailer Target is offering up to half off of popular toys like Barbie and Fisher Price to lure bargain hunters this holiday season".

Maybe it's just me, but dragging consumers - read us - into an article with beliefs of such massive gratification as half off every toy in their stores, but only offering the deals on a small portion of their inventory and not even meeting fifty percent on that small portion is deceiving.

Wonder what CNN's kickback is?

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