Friday, October 16


Catchy name. One of those made-up words that makes you wonder if all the good names were taken. Right up there during that time in American history where every cool-sounding word had to have "A-RAMA" tacked on the end. "Wonder-A-Ama". "Scout-A-Rama". "Chuck-A-Rama".

OK, not so much Chuck-A-Rama.

Tekzilla is a geek show. About geeks. For geeks. BY geeks. Available in several formats, I first was made aware of it on the TiVo. Downloaded a few episodes and got hooked. Now it's a daily thing with their Tekzilla Daily and the weekly half-hour-or-so Thursday show.

Marilee doesn't seem to mind - she usually takes control of the remote collection.

But the fact that I had to find out about Tekzilla on the TiVo is sad, since I probably would never have found out about Tekzilla any other way. Time was, during downtime at "that which I do for a living" - read my job - I would go out and search for things such as Tekzilla, and by association, Revision3. Sadly, that's not the case any more, since in the current incarnation of my job, there is no downtime. Or at least from a theoretical perspective.

So I get my geek fix from the TiVo. And Tekzilla.

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