Wednesday, November 18

Morning Activities

This morning, Marilee is up waaay before I. She does, after all, have a sleeping problem, and as is the case most mornings, she's up far before the crack of dawn. Today, three-thirty to be exact.

But she's got an excuse today: She's getting her picture taken and has to look her best. After all, she's going to have this picture following her around for several years.

In a procrastination exercise gone wrong, she has waited until the last minute to get her Driver's License. That, and she never alerted the license people her name changed. Three years ago. Her birthday, by the way, is this Saturday. Be sure to write on her wall at Facebook.

Not that I was proactive the last time mine was due. I got mine on my birthday in 2006 and won't have to get another bad picture until 2012.

Now that I think of it, I wonder how many times a day the folks at the Driver's License division say Happy Birthday.

No need to wonder - I'll ask.

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