Thursday, November 26

Thursday October Christian

So I'm poking around on a website this morning about peculiar, crazy names that parents have named their offspring. Albin stands out prominently, if only because "Albin" is how the name is pronounced; spelled, on the other hand, as:


Yeah, Albin will do nicely.

But what got me thinking in my genetically altered mind was the name "Thursday October Christian".

Born to the infamous Fletcher Christian of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame, Fletcher wanted a name that didn't remind him of England at all.

Wikipedia's entry on Thursday - the name, not the day - says what's above, as well as what's below:

"Thursday married into his parents' generation."

On what day of the week Thursday got married is unknown.


It got me thinking about generations and when I was born and to which generation.

My Mom was 38 when I was born while my Dad was 46. What generation was I born into? In my childhood, my friends' parents were likely in their 20's. My parents were of an age that could be referred to as my friends' parent's older generation.

If that makes any sense at all - from my genetically altered brain's perspective - I lost a generation. No wonder I got along better with my friends' parents than the kids who were my age.

As a closing example, were my Dad alive today, he'd be celebrating his 100th birthday in three months.

Simply, I was born into the wrong generation.

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