Wednesday, November 4

Version One (Of Anything)

Years ago - the stone age - there was a laser printer I got fairly good at repairing. Made by Hewlett Packatd, it was called the (drumroll):


Not a II, or III, or 4 (why they switched from Roman to Arabic is beyond me), or 5 or....


There was no LaserJet I, though now it's implied that a LaserJet by itself is a ONE.

So I was sent an email today containing a link to a really great video about Web 2.0. We're all living Web 2.0 - even right this second, as you are reading my blog, a product of Web 2.0, as is this video:

One thing that still puzzles me is that there's really never any comment about Web 1.0. When was that? WHEN did Web 1-dot-anything turn into Web two-dot-everything else?

Does anyone really remember Web 1.0?

I'm betting that most of you don't remember - but I do. I was there. OK, not of the "Al Gore Invents The Internet" style, but of the plain-Jane static website. The only interaction between myself and the viewers of my site was a link to "Guestworld", the ubiquitous "Sign our Guestbook" link of the mid-90's.

Ah, the 90's - when THE thing to have on your site were garish colors and BLINK tags. To wit: [Note that if you're using Internet Explorer, you won't see the blinking effect. Be thankful.]


Again, anyway.

The video shown above is quite worth watching. The analogies of the "current" web with blogging and sharing references versus watching Gilligan's Island are well worth your time.

Thanks, Jenn. And, yes, the presenter does have many of my mannerisms!

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