Tuesday, January 12

Artist's Renderings, Or...?

Ever looked at "actual" space telescope photos of supernovae? Honestly, they all look like they were envisioned by artists on a really bad acid trip.

No, I have no knowledge of that.

Still, these images at the Chandra X-ray Observatory from Harvard University are such examples.

Of note on that page is the classically-described, non-descriptive "G1.9+0.3" supernova, which apparently happened just 140 years ago. The explanation as to why there were no accounts of it during the Civil Way are that it was deep in gaseous clouds of matter. Whatever.

What makes this a bit too creepy is that there are naysayers in the outer reaches of credibility that say the ejecta from this supernova is what will spell impending doom for the Earth.

Part of that ejecta is, according to some accounts, is a comet that will be coming our way in the not-too-distant future. When, is anybody's guess.

Yeah, I thought of that, too.


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