Thursday, January 7


I try not to collect more clutter than I can deal with, but sometimes it gets a bit too deep. Similarly, my blog might, from time to time anyway, get cluttered as I try out new and varied ways to keep you around. After all, the idea is for me to write, and you to read. What a concept.

So tonight, I have added more "stuff" which I hope doesn't clutter the landscape too badly.

It's called LinkWithin; you'll see it as either five small thumbnails of content between my posts or as five separate text links. Not to worry, though - all the links remain within my blog, so you won't have to leave. Immediately, anyway.

Oh, and the best part about LinkWithin? It's free.

Give LinkWithin serious consideration for your blog - it can only increase your traffic, and there's nothing wrong with that!

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