Sunday, January 3

Demotivational Posters

Oh, yes, you are most certainly going to waste time with this one.

I absolutely hate the motivational poster concept. Most people do. Hate them, that is. In fact they turn out to be rather de-motivational. Sometimes even a laughing-stock.

So one company came out with the concept OF de-motivational posters. Despair, Inc., has been creating these familiar posters for some time; one favorite is shown below:

...maybe for obvious reasons.

As you can imagine, it's fairly easy to create this type of image - a picture, a border, and some catchy text. But what if you're not particularly adept at making you own de-motivational posters?

Would it be cool enough for you to find a do-it-yourself de-motivator?

Yeah, I thought so.

Also from Despair, Inc., is their Parody Motivator Generator.

Knock yourself out!

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