Sunday, January 3

Trib Trim

An article in the Trib yesterday - yes, I'm commenting on the other Salt Lake daily - says that to cut costs, they're going to make the Sunday comics smaller. Overall, trimming the section from eight pages to just six.

But they're not cutting content, just forcing some of the demographic to use magnifying glasses (their term).

They say in the article that in the past they've polled their readership as to what comics they'd rather see - the younger demographic wants "Get Fuzzy", for example. But the older demographic? Being of that "older" group, my concern would be losing the likes of Dennis the Menace, a moniker I personally have been referred to over the years. Being follicly challenged, I no longer have a cowlick, but still.

But what surprised me about the Trib's reference to the older demographic and what comics they'd rather not see leave the comic section runs to the likes of:

Prince Valiant
Rex Morgan, MD
Judge Parker
Brenda Starr


How long ago was that survey done?

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