Sunday, February 7

Anticlimactic Super Bowl Ad Placement

I'm seeing this more and more today - not in a general sense, mind you. Really, today, February 7th.

The following is supposedly an ad for Google (like they need to advertise) that will be airing today during the Super Bowl:

Specifically, during the third quarter. At least that's what this article at Business Insider (a Silicon Valley online rag) has to say.

What point is there in finding out what the commercials are, before the event?

And why do they have to spoil the show with all that football?

What will be most interesting is how social networking plays into all the hoopla. As Facebook is a bit more sluggish and overloaded they won't be much of an issue, IMHO. But Twitter?

I'll be watching TwitScoop, thank you very much.

And by the way, there's a YouTube channel already set up for the event at

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